Infrastructure projects – Central sewerage pipeline of Thessaloniki

Infrastructure projects

Construction of the 2nd branch of the central sewerage pipeline of Thessaloniki from the 50N well to the Thessaloniki waste treatment facility (TWTF)

Construction of the 2nd branch of the central sewerage pipeline with a diameter of Æ2800 from glass reinforced polyester (GRP) with a length of 4.4km, intended to operate concurrently with the 1st branch. Excavations for the pipeline are made in open trench using sheet piling. In order to maintain the hydrogen sulfide concentrations in the atmosphere at low levels, a two-branch ventilation system was anticipated with air intake works into existing wells, air exhaust works, draft engine room with suction blowers at the entrance to the TWTF, and finally a deodorization unit for the pipeline with odor containment through air washing in an absorbing column in the TWTF.




Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation/ General Secretariat for Infrastructure/ General Directorate for hydraulic, port, and building infrastructure/ General Directorate for transportation infrastructure/ Special Management and Implementation Service of Macedonia/ Department of works construction




In progress