The company

Effort, persistence, continuous evolvement, and a modern corporate perspective, are the pillars on which we build our own road at XANTHAKIS SA.

We are proud that today we are one of the top companies in our sector and we continue to grow with the same potential, infiltrating new markets with business relevance. We break new ground by investing in human resources and machinery, in order to successfully execute the projects we undertake with the highest quality and with respect for the environment.

This philosophy guides our every endeavor. We provide high-level construction support on every project, regardless of its size. We are committed to earning our cleints’ respect and to serving their needs, building client relations based on collaboration and mutual trust.

Aristidis Xanthakis

CEO and president of the board

XANTHAKIS SA is one of the most highly specialized companies in the construction of railway projects in Greece.

From its founding to the present, XANTHAKIS SA is an example of robust growth in the Greek business sector.

The company’s activity in the construction industry commenced in the private sector with residential buildings and expanded to public sector works. Headquartered in Thessaloniki, the company became established through strategic mergers and acquisitions, so that today it holds a 6th class degree and is one of the most dynamic companies in its sector and an industry leader in railway projects, thanks to its highly qualified human resources and its continued investments in very specialized equipment.

These features enable the company to execute projects with exceptional autonomy and reliability, in regards to both quality and time efficiency.

Its main clients for the construction, renovation, and maintenance of railway superstructure are ERGOSE SA and OSE SA; it has also collaborated with large business groups in Greece and abroad, who trust the company for its knowhow. Since 2010, aiming at continuous development, the company has expanded its activity to include energy production, with the creation of a 2MW photovoltaic park, and hospitality, with the creation of an urban boutique hotel.

Towards the sustainable management of its operations, the company implements quality control and environmental management systems in compliance with the ELOT EN ISO 9001:2008 and ELOT EN ISO 14001:2004 international standards, respectively.

The long-term mission of the XANTHAKIS SA group is the creation of added value, through a portfolio of activities based on the quality of the projects it executes, the expansion of its collaborations, but above all on its technical knowhow and human resources – always with respect for the natural and social environment

Human resources

This group of experienced and highly qualified executives is the company’s most important success factor and its most precious capital.

At XANTHAKIS SA, people form the foundation for the company’s growth; that is why we build strong and long-lasting collaborative relationships. Group work, mutual trust and open communication are cultivated at every level of our organization and form an integral part of corporate structure. Through regular training programs and continued educational opportunities, the company invests in its human resources, while also at the same timeseeking new, worthy associates to join its ranks. We also pay special attention to the implementation of practices that ensure our employees’ health and safety at our facilities and worksites. Towards the objective of preventing and eliminating potential risks, the company implements a management system for health and safety at work in compliance with the OHSAS 8001:2007 standard.

Εταιρική κοινωνική ευθύνη

Για την ΞΑΝΘΑΚΗΣ ΑΤΕ η εταιρική κοινωνική ευθύνη αποτελεί βασική παράμετρο της επιχειρηματικής της δραστηριότητας και κουλτούρας.
Προϋπόθεση αποτελεί η καθιέρωση ηθικών κριτηρίων λειτουργίας, ο σεβασμός στον άνθρωπο και η προστασία του φυσικού περιβάλλοντος σε όλους τους κλάδους της δραστηριοποίησής της.
Ακόμη η εταιρία αντιλαμβάνεται την υποχρέωση της, να διασφαλίζει το καλύτερο
εργασιακό περιβάλλον και το υψηλότερο δυνατό επίπεδο ικανοποίησης των εργαζομένων της, καθώς και την προστασία των εργασιακών τους δικαιωμάτων.
Παράλληλα ενισχύει με χορηγικές δράσεις την τοπική κοινωνία, σε θέματα πολιτισμού και αθλητισμού, ενώ ανάλογη υποστήριξη παρέχει και σε επαγγελματικούς Φορείς που συμμετέχει.


EN ISO 9001:2008

OHSAS 18001:2007

EN ISO 14001:2004