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Construction of the 2nd main sewage pipeline of Thessaloniki from well 50N to the Thessaloniki sewage treatment facility

The existing main sewage pipeline (MSP), with total length of 15,812m, was constructed in the early 1980s;its starting point was at drainage well 98, at th junction of Solonow and Markou Botsari streets, with a gradually increasing cross-section of D2100,D2400,D2700. In the pipeline's final section, from drainage well 50N to the sewage treatment facility, with a lenght of 4,605 m, the original design provided for the construction of the two brances;of these, only the 1st branch was constructed, covering demand for the next 20 years.


PHOTEL SA, a member of the group XANTHAKIS SA, is constructing a photovoltaic station of 2MW in the area of Pylori in Grevena.

The investment will be made in a privately owned space of the company with an area of 65.000 square meters. The photovoltaic panels will be installed on solid support bases made of aluminium and the foundation will be done through the piling method.

Renovation of the Engine House Line/Electrification/Signalling

On June 23, 2009 a contract of a total budget of 17,183,698.66€ was signed between the Company XANTHAKIS SA and ERGA OSE SA.

The project includes renovation works on the existing network which ends in the Thessaloniki Train Station (3rd Engine House Line and 4th Thessaloniki Station line), renovation of existing direction changes, setting up of new direction changes and other works that concern technical projects.

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