Human Resources


The company is comprised of highly qualified technical staff with experience in the execution and management of technical projects (project management).

Wishing to offer maximum performance in its projects, the company ensures the continuous training of its staff, with special seminars on the sectors of interest aiming to specialize, improve and develop their competences.

Ensuring the health and safety of our staff is our primary target according to the policy of quality we adhere to. Taking into account the specificities of the works and the overall structure of the company, this target is implemented through continuous learning and strict adherence to the Health and Safety rules as they are defined in ISO OHSAS 18001.


The company XANTHAKIS SA, respecting the quality requirements of technical projects, has purchased private equipment in order to secure its independence as well as its dynamic intervention, a fact that makes it one of the most flexible companies in the field of constructions and guarantees speedy delivery of its products.

Focusing on infrastructure, the company led the way investing mainly in railway machines. This special equipment enables the Company to offer integrated high quality services in works related to the renovation of railway networks and construction of new ones. To ensure the quality of the services it offers, the company applies special control methods with special equipment, including among others control of rails using an X-ray machine. At the same time, in order to maintain its wide field of activities, the Company owns other types of mechanical equipment for the execution of other types of works. (e.g. road construction, hydraulic works, buildings, etc.)