The company XANTHAKIS S.A. was registered in 1996 in Evosmos, Thessaloniki, by Mr. Aristides Xanthakis, Civil Engineer, and his partners.

After twelve years of creative presence in the market of constructions, the company followed an upward course of development.

In 2011 it took over the company GENIKI TECHNIKI SA which held a 7th class certificate and in 2002 it absorbed the construction sector of companies VOUGIOUKLI SA and AKROLITHOS SA, thus building a strong position in constructions, both in the Public and in the Private Sectors.

Expanding its activities to railway works, integrating new technologies, implementing important investments in mechanical equipment and constantly training and retraining its staff, it established its presence as one of the most integrated companies in the Greek market.

Its business activities were further stimulated by the establishment of “MAKEDONIKES GRAMMES SA”, a subsidiary company, in 2003, which strengthened its role as one of the most dynamic companies in its field.

At the same time, the company has always been active in real estate.

The main targets of XANTHAKIS SA are development in the field of Public Works, real estate and participation in works implemented through PPP (Public-private partnerships).